Diabetes Data Tinkering Workshop w/ Nightscout


In partnership with Albercook Scientific and the Nightscout community, we have developed a wearable LED prototype made to display continuous glucose monitor data for patients with type 1 diabetes. Using Adafruit Neopixel LEDs and Arduino microcontrollers, our goal is to create a wearable device that engages young patients with their health data in an interesting and useful way. As a part of our project to integrate the Maker movement with health care and health education, we are posing the following design challenges to our workshop participants:


Patients and Caregivers with T1D

The prototype is totally configurable; how do you want to display your data? What other ways can we use color, timing, and movement to show patterns? What other prototypes do you want to create (i.e. LED displays, strips)? Help us come up with more designs that are useful, attractive, and make it easy to understand your data trends.

Nightscout Community Members

If you are a Nightscout user, are you interested in helping with programming and/or importing your data into the wearable? How can we interface the Nightscout data with the prototype code?


You can help us create the code for the Arduino prototype, or help us write code to get data from a Nightscout database to remotely display on the wearable prototype in real-time!


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