Diabetes Clinic Hypoglycemia Snack Signs


Low blood sugars can occur anytime - including during long diabetes visits. The diabetes clinic at C.S. Mott Hospital has always had a supply of juice and crackers to treat the lows, but the snacks were located in an unidentified cabinet only accessible to the medical professionals.

Our patient /caregiver partners told us that they did not know snacks were available, and even those who did were reluctant to ask for them because they were embarrassed about being judged for not bringing their own supplies. One of our patient partners at C.S. Mott Hospital's Pediatric Diabetes Clinic had the idea to create signs to hang on the clinic room cabinets, which were later adapted by our designer Jacob Dwyer. Behind these signs, we stashed a variety of fast-acting carb snacks to provide a more supportive and less judgmental clinic experience.  

These signs use a Creative Commons non commercial license. To download and use copies of these signs, click here

Clinic Sign Draft 2B-01.jpg
Clinic Sign Draft-01.jpg

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