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Health Virtual Reality Apps by Us

Health Virtual Reality Apps By Us


This was another curricular collaboration for HealthDesignBy.Us. In the spring of 2014, Matthew Kenyon taught a Virtual Reality Mobile Applications course at the Stamps School of Art and Design. Students were asked to create and prototype an original mobile app that focuses on one of the following health-related categories: drugs and alcohol, well-being/mental health, or nutrition/food awareness. Joyce Lee served as the medical advisor to the students. The students presented their final projects at the end of the semester and awards were presented. The top winner’s app called The Happy Project was created to increase the user’s self-awareness of quality of life by logging how the user’s feelings, activities, and comparing the results to others’ happiness scores. Second place went to Xiaoying He (one of our summer interns) for her app called Eyecare U, which is an app that teaches you how to massage your eyes.  Apparently kids in China are required to do eye massage (who knew?). 

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