Health Design Cupid Website


The website was created to connect a local community of individuals with complementary interests and skills.  Dean Guna Nadarajan had graciously facilitated an introduction for Joyce Lee to meet Matthew Kenyon, which lead to a productive collaboration between the Stamps School of Art and Design and the School of Medicine/Public Health.  However, we recognized that this kind of collaboration is rare and unusual, and because of silos between the schools, there was no formal way for these two communities to find each other.

Released on Valentine’s Day, 2014, the website cheekily plays off the matchmaker theme for health partners and designers/technologists. The purpose of the site was to allow health partners and researchers to sign up as interested members of a community, and then find their "match" - health partners seeking design/technology partners or design/technology partners seeking health partners.


“Health Design Cupid was a great stepping stone to finding talented people interested in using their design and development skills to help improve patient-centered care in the modern-age.” Faculty member in the Department of Pediatrics

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