Diabetes Conversation Cards


Our student collaborators/designers (Sam Oliver, Nick Reid, and Xiaoying He) went to the Mott diabetes clinic to spend time with patients. As Xiaoying describes:

“When we were trying to work with the patients to identify problems and potentially design solutions for the clinic, we found that it was too time consuming to start from scratch with every patient. And it was also hard to explain what our team was doing in a short amount of time.
We realized that we could create a more intuitive and user-friendly method to approach this participatory design process. The solution came up as a card-sorting game designed for patients to sort out the most troublesome problems for them.”

The Diabetes Conversation Cards were therefore created.

Dr. Lee brought the cards to clinic one day and gave her patients the stack of cards. Then she asked them to pick their top 3 desired topics of conversation for the visit. The cards were an incredibly effective tool to break the ice, start the conversation, and have a meaningful conversation exchange between healthcare provider and patient. She also brought extra blank cards and a sharpie to make the process participatory and got fantastic new ideas from patients!

You can download the cards here.

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