Design Workshop for Improving Communication


In March 2014, Joyce Lee, John Marshall, and Matthew Kenyon led a patient-centered design workshop at Mott Children’s Hospital. This work stemmed from Dr. Lee’s role as the Chairwoman of the Emerging Technologies Committee for the Department of Pediatrics.  The workshop focused on the question, “How can we use communications technology to improve clinical care?”

Using the participatory design process, a group of key stakeholders including patients/caregivers, medical staff, and designers engaged in three exercises:

  1. Experience mapping to understand how different stakeholders in a health system work and interact
  2. Problem identification to understand what the biggest barriers are in healthcare communication and delivery
  3. Systematic inventive thinking to create possible solutions 

A group of participants from the first workshop then met again to develop a design synthesis of the findings. A card sorting exercise was performed to identify and group findings into  overarching themes and based on this activity the group generated the critical questions that need to be addressed with communications and information technology.  Findings from this deep dive will be used to pursue further projects/technology systems to improve the patient experience and communication between stakeholders in a system. 

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