Design Your Dream Diabetes Technology Presentation


If you are interested in using the slides for the "Design Your Dream Diabetes" workshop, you can find them below. You may also download the PowerPoint file and the accompanying worksheet here.


Design My Diabetes Solution Workshop


In April 2014, a diverse group of over 50 patients, caregivers, medical staff, academic faculty, business affiliates and students participated in the Design My Diabetes Solution! Workshop in partnership with the annual Society 2030 meeting at the University of Michigan. The workshop employed the human-centered design thinking process: research/observe, define, ideate, prototype, and test. The experts were children and adults with type 1 diabetes and their caregivers. Multidisciplinary design teams worked with their expert client to develop empathy and learn more about the type 1 diabetes experience, to identify a problem that was meaningful to the expert, to explode out possible solutions, and then to quickly prototype a system and/or technology solution to help manage diabetes.

In a collaborative environment, the seven teams devised clever and inventive tools, technology or intervention prototypes to create solutions for type 1 diabetes. With a diverse group of thinkers and makers, solutions to the problems of managing diabetes included a smart plate to assess content, an app for identifying which restaurants most accurately display their carbohydrate counts, a proactive device/bracelet for insulin dosing and monitoring, and technology prototypes for more effective communication with caregivers and peers, such as diabeticons.


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