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To develop digital health prototypes using participatory design, including context-aware mobile applications and artificial and virtual reality technologies

  • To offer interdisciplinary learning experiences for students, including interaction with patients and caregivers and technology skills development
  • To conduct design research to gain insights related to working with technology within the context of health

Faculty Leadership
Nancy Benovich Gilby, BSE, MSE, Ehrenberg Director of Entrepreneurship, U-M School of Information
Joyce Lee, MD, MPH, Robert P. Kelch Research Professor of Pediatrics, U-M Medical School
Mark Newman, PhD, Associate Professor, U-M School of Information

Community Partner
Nate Aschenbach, Co-Founder & CEO, GameStart School

Staff Partners
Jamie Saville, Ashley Garrity & Jacob Dwyer

Student Partner
Ann Duong, U-M School of Information

Advisory Board
The Co+Lab also works with an interdisciplinary advisory board which includes partners from across the University of Michigan and executives from Lenovo.


The Co+Lab holds monthly hands-on workshops and weekly office hours to provide education focused on the development of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), context-aware mobile technology applications, and patient-centered design. Check back for future event announcements.