We work with patient partners and with organizations to apply Maker solutions to healthcare. Our projects revolve around improving the patient experience through human-centered design.


We are excited to announce the Lenovo HealthDesignBy.Us Co+Lab! The Co-Lab's mission is to support the design and development of patient-centered technology-based health innovations!



Check out some of our mobile technology innovations developed by our patient partners and collaborators in the School of Art & design and the School of Information!

Diabetemoji Stickers

This idea came from patient partners with Type 1 Diabetes who shared that: "It’s annoying to get lots of text messages from your mom about diabetes stuff when you are a teenager with type 1 diabetes.” 

Diabetemoji makes communication between parent and child easierthrough the use of diabetes emoji sticker shorthand.

Health Virtual Reality Apps By Us

We partnered with the Stamps School of Art & design to design virtual reality apps for health.

Health Apps By Us Design Sheets

Check out our templates for designing and wireframing your own health related apps on iPhone and iPad!



In collaboration with the School of Art & design and local Ann Arbor company GameStart, we have developed several games focused on teaching healthy habits and attitudes to children with Type 1 Diabetes.



We believe it is important to share patient stories to bring about awareness and positive outlooks on chronic diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes. Health Comics By Us was an effort between Jacob Dwyer and Trevor Torres to write a diabetes superhero comic book and a template for others to share their stories.



We are creating a series of tools/prototypes that can be used by healthcare providers, educators, and patients/caregivers. Here are a few interventions we have worked on for use in clinics and elsewhere in the hospital system.